Introducing Barbq

TUIs1 for life. Barbq 🍖 is a TUI-based status-bar for macOS.

barbq status bar

Barbq is a simple, no frills, terminal-based status bar. I host it in an instance of alacritty terminal2 which I pin to the top of the screen using the yabai tiling window manager.

my environment

To be clear: The above is not a Linux system. I am running macOS 10.15. You're just seeing the wonderful kitty terminals, yabai window manager, and barbq status bar inside alacritty.


  • Widgets for yabai tabs, internal/external ip addrs, volume, battery, wifi, date
  • Volume info grabbed via low-level C executable to avoid overhead of invoking osascript
  • Resource efficient3
  • Modular and extensible4
  • Stable enough that this author has been using barbq 100% of the time for over a month

Future work

  • Support other data sourcing methods in addition to interval-based polling5
  • Cleaner and more usable layout methods for views
  • More refined UI work regarding, colors, positiong, margins, and unicode decorations


For up-to-date installation instructions visit the GitHub project.

Under the hood

Barbq is written in Haskell. And is this author's first "real" Haskell project.

Since this is a side-project, long-cuts6 were made in order to do things in an interesting manner. Look for future blog posts on the two interesting pieces here: (1) Using free applicative functors for creating model data to feed views and (2) building terminal-UI components in UI-paradigm-agnostic comonadic style.

I welcome all code reviews! If you have any experience with Haskell, I'd appreciate feedback on my code. Please open an issue in the project to let me know!

  1. Terminal User Interface
  2. Alacritty is installed for you as a dependency when you build with Nix.
  3. ~0.5% of CPU on my machine.
  4. Through the editing of Haskell code.
  5. Interrupts via HTTP server or mouse clicks for example.
  6. The opposite of a shortcut.